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Slasher - 6'10" Medium Fast - Jerkbait Topwater Rod


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6'10" Medium Fast
Ln: 10-14lb Lr: 1/4-5/8oz

The Slasher is a must have Jerkbait Rod for any angler working a treble-clad moving bait.  From early season jerkbaits to mid-summer topwaters, the Slasher has the perfect action to launch, work, and land.  The crux associated with building the right jerkbait rod is the blank.  You need the power to load, launch and work a jerkbait or topwater, while still maintaining the moderate fish landing bend necessary for evil treble-hooks.  Built around the Megabass 110 and baits of similar staple, you can be sure the Slasher will out-perform any industry standard associated with the jerk, walk or pop.   

Topwater Rod Blank:  The Slasher topwater bait rods are built on the medium powered, fast action blank.  Engineered to be nimble in hand, the 6’10” length is perfect for manipulating your baits without wasted energy or fatigue. The middle grade graphite provides ample sensitivity for the multiple tasks at hand, but more importantly it’s forgiving nature and parabolic bend will up your landing percentage. 

Components:  Designed to be used all day, the Slasher employs a Fuji ECSM graphite reel seat for ultimate control.  The guide train is composed of ALPS SS316 stainless, semi-micro guides, which reduce mass on the business end of the rod.  Less mass creates a light and responsive tip section perfect for slashing and walking your favorite tournament winning baits.

Jerkbait Rod Design Philosophy:  The importance of walking and twitching baits in an angler’s arsenal is well known.  There are times during the year, those style baits are the only way to get a bite.  At Alpha, we like to use S2-Glass on moving baits with treble-hooks for the higher landing percentages.  Unfortunately, glass technology doesn’t contain the necessary strength to rip a bait when the situation calls for it.  The Slasher topwater rod, quite frankly, rides the fence in it’s ability to properly manipulate a bait and protect treble hooks from pulling loose after the hookset.  The only question you’ll have now is what do I when I need a topwater and jerkbait tied up for my next event or day on the water.

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