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  • Bass Rods - Stay Versatile My Friends

    Posted on October 04 2017

    The Magic Buzzword: Versatile That word gets thrown around quite a bit in reference to bass fishing.  A versatile angler can utilize multiple techniques to catch bass in any location. ...

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  • Why Buy Alpha

    Posted on March 15 2017

    Buy with Confidence: If you buy a fishing rod from Alpha Angler and it doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations,send it back for a full refund, return shipping included.  We...

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  • Catch More Bass with Glass

    Posted on February 26 2017

    Theories and beatings: We at Alpha have multiple theories about bass fishing and the intricacies associated with this sport.  Most of the time, I think fishermen build theories about their...

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  • Blog - The Alpha Difference

    Posted on February 03 2017

    The Questions: In our world, everyone wants to be different.  It seems, not long ago, that everyone just wanted to fit in… but now we’re all trying to be different....

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  • We might be new to you, but we ain't new...

    Posted on December 27 2016

    Alpha Might Be New to You…  Welcome to the Alpha Angler blog, and more importantly thanks for reading.  My plan is to explain who we are at Alpha, and more specifically...

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