Alpha Angler vLog - Clear Lake FLW Costa



Clear Lake FLW Costa 

Alpha Angler vLog Series - Stop #2 at the amazing Clear Lake California. The fish were in all three stages of the spawn, and finding the bigger specimens wasn't easy. Follow our staffers, and check out the gear they used compete in the FLW Costa during the may prespawn.  

Rods Links - - The Power FInesse Rod used to throw lighter underspins and finesse C-Rigs. - 7' Medium - all purpose Spinning rod for every finesse technique you'd use at Clear Lake. Dropshot, finesse C-Rig wacky senko, Ned Rig etc... - The Heavy C-Rig Bass Fishing Machine. Used as a search bait with a heavy sinker, you can cast the rig and mile and drag it quickly to find rock and grass. When the monster largemouth bites, the Hitter's length and power applies the wood. Also the best rod for flipping reeds and buggy-whips. Power is the deal with the Hitter. 20lb test main, 12lb leader. - The DO-EVERYTHING-Perfect rod. Use braid and it's the perfect frog rod... Use 15lb test and finesse jig and you'll catch the biggest fish in any lake. The only problem with the Zilla is that you can't have just one. Super sensitive, exceptional balance and a power curve that took 6 years to perfect. The Zilla is becoming a bass-fisherman's staple. Check out the rest of our products, designed and tested by Alpha Anglers.


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