Why Buy Alpha

Why Buy Alpha

Buy with Confidence:

If you buy a fishing rod from Alpha Angler and it doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations,send it back for a full refund, return shipping included.  We tend to brag with confidence about our products, but it’s for good reason… every one is a labor of love.    The truth is we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is!!!  If you buy one and don’t like it, send it back.  We got you covered.

Flailing Accountants:

We know that buying a fishing rod without first holding it in your hand isn’t always easy.  In fact, we tried to implement a “try before you buy” policy where we’d ship the rod before you actually had to pay for it.  Every time an angler has gotten a hold of an Alpha Angler rod the reaction has been awesome.  So why not just send one to you first, with confidence?  Right…  Unfortunately, our accountants hit the fraud panic button and went into a version of anaphylactic shock at the mention of the idea (can’t really blame them these days.)

Not Afraid:

To be honest, what’s the harm in a few people disliking our rods and sending them back?  To truly build the best products, we must accept all forms of feedback, good or bad.  So we’re not afraid.  Try us out, and we’ll either earn your trust, or attempt to fix what you don’t like. 

What’s in it for me?:

Glad you asked.  Alpha Angler isn’t just a fishing rod company, we’re a people company.  It takes anglers to critique, design, reform and demand what we build.  In this world though, everything is going online and interactions with people ain’t like they used to be.  Maybe for us, producing products that require 100% angler feedback is the answer to this new world of online interaction.    

So buy with confidence, and let us know what you think.  You’re going to get the very best we can build, at the very best price we can offer.  No retail markup, no gimmicky “buzz words”, no cheap components… just awesome fishing rods that really perform. 

Email Testimonials:

Here are the last few responses we've gotten from recent customers...

Jake - sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Wanted to give it some work before I got back to you with an opinion. What can I say, love it. Great strength, great bend to the rod, and love the sensitivity that I get with it. Feel like I can feel everything that goes on around the lure. Great rod, very satisfied!!!

- Jim – St.Louis – Alpha DSR

I gotta tell you that your normal rebound is the best freakin’ glass rod I've ever used. I can cast a mile with that bad boy, literally nearly unspooling my reel every cast. Most of my Havasu fish came on that rod. 

- Shawn O – Brewster WA – Alpha Rebound 

I put the Rebound to the test cranking for some green ones last night.  I think I’m in love.

- Josh – Willis TX – Alpha Rebound

My rod was just dropped off my goodness it is absolutely perfectly balanced and light as a feather I can see this being one of my favorite rods amazing work!!!

-Brandon – Vermont – Alpha DSR

Alpha Angler Zilla rod played a huge role in catching the winning fish. I skipped a 1/2 oz. swim jig paired with a 6" swimbait trailer out the other side of a wide boat dock platform and the fish bit right as the lure was coming back into the shade. I do not own another rod that allows me to skip and roll cast heavier baits as accurately, with the horsepower to get them away from cover in a hurry. This rod is legit and extremely versatile.

- Tag Watson- Bellingham - Alpha Zilla

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