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DSR - 6'10" Medium Fast - Bass Fishing Drop Shot Rod


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6'10" Medium Fast
Ln: 4-12lb Lr: 1/8-1/2oz

The Alpha DSR is the ultimate Bass Fishing Drop Shot Rod for finesse applications and is designed to be the best spinning rod on the market. Originally developed for throwing the drop shot rig in combat situations, the rod is a bit heavier than the industry standard. Our pro-staffers asked for a spinning rod that can be used both for deep water smallmouth, or bed fishing largemouth in the jungle. With it's long list of accomplishments, the Alpha DSR is the ultimate solution for winning the finesse battle.

Blank: The DSR blank is an unconventionally perfect design for the evolved technique of drop shotting.  After three years of development with world leading anglers, like Brandon Palaniuk, we have manufactured the perfect taper and action.  The 6'10" length and fast tip allow for precise delivery of the awkward drop shot package when pitching. For the long cast, this blank loads extremely well with weights up to a half ounce. In finesse applications, sensitivity is paramount, and the high modulus "Toray Level" graphite delivers every fish-breath back to the angler with this bass spinning rod.

Components: To deliver the ultimate drop shot rod to our anglers, the DSR utilizes two types of guides. The first three " choker" guides are stainless steel K-Framed alconties by Fuji. The final five guides are Recoil RSPG's which are extremely light and durable. This guide setup isn't by accident, as the harder framed guides at the front allow for maximum "choking" of the spinning reel cast without energy loss in guide movement. After the line is "choked" down, the smaller, lighter Recoil guides allow for leader knots to flow seamlessly down range.

For comfort, we've developed the perfect configuration of Fuji VSSM components to allow for maximum comfort and sensitivity, without extra weight or discomfort. We finish off the DSR with the perfect Kigan hook keeper, which secures a dropshop weight or a texas-rigged hook shank.

Design Philosophy: In the development phase of the Alpha Bass Fishing Drop Shot Rod, our pro-staffers detailed the evolution of dropshotting and the performance characteristics necessary. The dropshot technique, along with other finesse presentations have evolved well outside the open water environment they were designed for. With the technology improvements in spinning reel drags and fluorocarbon strength, the weak link in application has been the noodle-like dropshot rods that lack the power to control surging fish in cover. In this situation, the angler tightens the drag to exhort some control, but the light rod has reached it's maximum flex and there's nothing left to give... so the line breaks. The medium powered Alpha DSR loads extremely well, reserving some flex for surging fish when the drag is applied for control.  We hope you agree that this is by far, the most advanced drop shot rod for bass spinning rod applications.

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