Collection: Custom Shop

Prebuilt Customs:

The Alpha Angler Custom Shop is the the home for our custom rod builds.  Prebuilt custom rods are shown at the bottom of this page, and ship immediately after payment.   They are based on our successful production models, like the Zilla or DSR, our customs are finely tuned versions created by our custom builders.  All models have limited availability.  See available custom builds below.  


One-Off Custom Builds:

Want a one-off, custom built rod?  We'll build custom rods based around our current product line.  For instance, want a shorter version of the Hitter?  We can do that.  Custom colors, cork handles or even and spinning handle on a Zilla rod, we can do it.   Limitations are based on available materials and thread colors.

Quoting for each rod is based on the price of the production model, plus materials and custom build fees.  

Basic Color Change = +$25

Cork Handle = +$40 (includes option for color change)

Size Alteration = +40 (i.e.  remove 3" from the Hitter)

Multiple changes will be priced by our Custom Builders.  All custom builds much be paid in full before production can begin.  Lead times are generally 2-4 weeks after full payment, but can be longer based on part availability and order backlog.

How to Order and Custom:

Include the build and changes you'd like in your customs and we'll start a quote.  Please send email to with requested build requirements.  



PRE-BUILT Customs Below: