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Wide Glide - 7'9" HF - Glidebait, Swimbait, A-Rig Bass Rod


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7'9" Mag-Heavy Fast
Ln: 17-25lb (50-80lb Braid)  Lr: 2-6oz

No longer is the glidebait only for the trophy hunting, swimbait enthusiast.  When Carl Jocumsen used the 4oz Arashi Glide to lead both the BASS Open Championship and the FLW Costa Championship, the tournament world took notice.  Fortunately, Alpha designers had already spent months working on the perfect blank.  One robust enough to throw a heavy bait, light enough to allow twitching and walking, but also parabolic and forgiving enough for short strikes and treble hooks.  The Wide Glide is designed to use Glidebaits and swimbaits in tournament situations, around docks, lay-downs, break walls and anywhere big fish setup for ambush.  The Wideglide is the Alpha team's creation for your glides, swimbaits, Lunker Punkers, rigs and anything else that needs precision muscle.  

Wide Glide Rod Blank:  The business end of the Wide Glide is built from a blend of high-modulus graphite and S-Glass.  The glass provides the forgiving parabolic nature to the lighter, more sensitive graphite.  The overall effect is a sensitive blank that can absorb big surges from lunker sized bass and launch heavy baits with ease.  The 7'9" length is deliberate and thoroughly tested for accurate target fishing, long casts and ample power. 

Rod Components: To ensure ultimate performance, the Alpha Wide-Glide is equipped with Alps SS316 Semi-Micro Guides for efficient casting and retrieving. The "go-to" Fuji ECSM reel seat has been the favorite with anglers due its comfortable fit and rod control. 

Design Philosophy:  It's no secret that many of our Alpha staffers are also die-hard swimbait gurus.  Brandon Palaniuk spent years designing the Arashi Glide with Storm.  During that process, we set out to design a complimentary glide bait rod for our anglers.  The Wide-Glide is the Alpha Angler's answer to casting big baits around docks and lay downs, walking an 8" Lunker Punker over brush piles or down bridge pilings, or bombing down a long dock.  Check out the video to see Brandon discuss the Wide Glide in detail.



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