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Hitter - 7'6" Heavy Fast - Jig/Texas Rig Rod


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7'6" Heavy Fast
Ln: 12-20lb Lr: 3/8-1oz

The Alpha Hitter is a 7'6" Heavy action, perfectly balanced ultimate Texas Rig and Jig Rod. Originally designed as the best jig rod for 1/2 oz. jigs, it's sensitivity, balance and length make it the perfect rod for any bottom contact presentation. It's 7'6" length moves more line during the hookset, and it's superior balance aids in sensitivity and combats fatigue. Put a football head on 12lb test, or big texas rig on 20lb, the Alpha Hitter performs without flaw. 

Blank: The heart of this custom jig rod is the truly unique, fast action, heavy blank that loads more evenly across the first 30% of the bend. The action of the Hitter will protect your line when you get that bite right at the boat, and in an unconscious moment you forget everything you know about fishing, and your instinct tells you to jerk..... hard. Don't mistake this feature for weakness because after driving the hook, there's plenty of power for dragging big ones to the boat.

Components: The Hitter utilizes the tried and true Fuji ECSM reel seat. During the testing and design phase, the common sentiment by the Alpha testers was the ECSM was more comfortable due to a bigger footprint not available in split seats. When working a bait, split reel seats leave your hands with only the narrow blank to hold onto, The weight benefits of newer split seats didn't overcome the benefit of ECSM's comfort. Efficient balance and line control while pitching and flipping, the Hitter is clad with the ultra-dope Alps SS316 semi-micro guides.  This makes this the best bass jig rod we can find.

Design Philosophy: The market shift towards rod lengths longer than 7' feet has been well deserved. Longer rods move more line, aid in bait presentation and provide greater casting distances. Almost every production rod company has replaced it's 7 foot models with lengths between 7'3" to 8 feet. The problem with almost all of the longer rods, has been poor balance. Split grips and split reel seats provided lighter overall rod weight, but actually created tip heavy, unbalanced rods. Alpha Angler was created because of this issue. Paying upward to $500 for high end production rods started to sting when all performance characteristics were overshadowed by poor balance. The Hitter is the result of years of prototyping, testing and design revisions, to ensure the highest level of performance, durability and balance.  If you need to cast, flip, pitch any bait the Alpha Hitter is the ultimate Jig Rod and Texas Rig fishing rod.

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