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Clutch - 7'5" Medium Fast - Power Finesse Baitcasting Rod


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7'5" Medium Fast
Ln: 8-14lb Lr: 1/4-5/8oz

The Alpha Angler Clutch is the ultimate power-finesse bass fishing solution for techniques that ride the fence between spinning and baitcasting gear. Originally developed for the HD dropshot technique, its ability to cast light weights and protect light line quickly expanded its job description. Small swimbaits, finesse jigs, light wire hooks, underspins and anything you’d rather not tie to a spinning setup are perfect for the Clutch. Perfectly balanced and light weight, it’s hard to tell the rod is a full 7’5” long until you set the hook on a long cast in the abyss. The Clutch excels in those situations, and in every other power-finesse technique our Alpha Anglers have thrown at it.

Power Finesse Blank: The key to the Clutch’s success is the IM Plus+ graphite blank. Our designers spent 14 months designing a blank capable of launching finesse baits, as well as, exert power and control over the larger specimens that typically bite those sneaky lures. Although the blank design was complex, the end result is very simple… you can utilize finesse techniques without spinning (read “eggbeater”) equipment.

Components:  To ensure ultimate performance, the Alpha Clutch is equipped with Alps SS316 Micro Guides for efficient casting and retrieving. The "go-to" Fuji ECSM reel seat has been the favorite with anglers due its comfortable fit and rod control.

Design Philosophy:  The original design specs for the Clutch stemmed from the desire to pitch around a Heavy-Duty dropshot on 8-12lb test.  The rod would allow for greater accuracy and more power in those close quarter finesse presentations.  It was natural for our Alpha Anglers to ask, what else can the Clutch be used for?  Winding a small swimbait through the water column is a deadly technique usually associated with spinning tackle.  Utilizing a baitcaster, bolted to a Clutch, our anglers could cast greater distances and eliminate the dreaded spinning reel line twist.  Another victory for the Clutch.  How about finesse jigs, blade baits and underspins?  The Clutch dominates all those techniques with ease.  The parabolic blank will evenly distribute the load and protect 8lb test, while the meaty butt-section tames the biggest beasts you can finesse up. 


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