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7'2" Medium Fast - Finesse Spybait Hair-Jig Rod


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7'2" Medium Fast
Ln: 4-12lb Lr: 1/8-1/2oz

Rod of the Month - 7'2" Medium Finesse Rod

This month's creation is based off our DSR platform, but designed for light baits with light line.  Originally developed for the Spybait, the 7'2" Finesse platform quickly proved it's worth when utilizing light hair-jigs, NED rigs and tiny swimbaits like the 2.8" Keitch Fat Swing Impact.  

This rod utilizes a similar guide train as our DSR and Wrench, which consists of three hard framed Fuji choker guides and then transition to Recoil guides to the tip.  In our testing, the 7'2" length was selected for optimal casting of lighter baits while maintaining the power and sensitivity necessary for finesse techniques.  

Built on the same high-grade graphite as the Alpha Angler DSR, the 7'2" ROTM maintains excellent sensitivity along with exceptional balance.  

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