Alpha Anglers

We do things a little different here at Alpha Angler.  From our unconventional approach to making perfect fishing rods, to our direct to customer sales model, we run Alpha a little different.  That goes for our professional staff members as well...  or as we like to call them, no-staffers. 

Brandon Palaniuk - Bassmaster Elite Series Angler

The reason we like to call them our Angler's instead of "Pro-Staff" is because they bear the responsibility of product design as well as promotion.  Some of this is Brandon's fault, which is why we had to hire him...  His input into our products isn't requested, it's required. 

Brandon was part of the original crew of Alpha designers who dreamt up the DSR (Drop Shot Rod), Hitter for pitching and flipping, and the Zilla for Frogs.  His successes in the competitive fishing world are apparent, and not worth listing on this website page (it would be a long read.)  With over 250 days a year on the water, BMP has in-depth experience with every technique in bass fishing.  More importantly, he has the passion and attention to detail necessary in the refinement of perfect fishing tools.

Alpha Designers

All Alpha Angler rods go through a treacherous design cycle to ensure excellence in application.  For that, we owe a debt of gratitude for those who contribute, engineer, design and critique our rods.  Our list of contributors will never stop growing, and we're always grateful for their expertise.  Below is a list of badass anglers who helped build Alpha Angler.  This list isn't conclusive, and we're grateful for all contributions.

 - Don Hogue "aka The Professor"

 - Ron Hobbs "The Natural"

 - Tag Watson

 - Ryan Brown

 - Charlie Lynch

 - Jeremy Tripp

 - Nick Berto "One Fishy SOB"

 - Josh Polfer

 - more to come...

You Rock

This company knows what's the most important when it comes to building awesome fishing products, and that's you... the customer.  In a perfect world, our customers would become our product designers, so we'd never miss the mark.  That's why we've decided to be a direct-to-consumer company only.  We want your feedback, so please keep in touch.