Best Bass Fishing Rods - Alpha Angler

Alpha Angler is a USA manufacturer of custom made bass fishing rods. Designed and engineered to be perfect, Alpha utilizes a very unconventional approach to making the very best bass rods. From drop shot rods, all the way to frog rods, we focus on building perfectly balanced, tournament grade rods at an affordable price.

Unlike other custom fishing rod companies, Alpha Angler is a direct to consumer only company, no retailers.  This isn’t because we don’t like retail, it’s because we need to stay in constant communication with the anglers who use our products.  Retail adds a layer of customer interaction we can’t utilize because we can’t be in every retail outlet speaking with you.   

The retail market forces manufacturers to price products for retail markup.  This markup forces companies to use specific components and blanks that may not be the best for the intended purpose.  Since it’s inception, Alpha Angler’s goal has been to make the best bass fishing rods, regardless of the component cost or source.  In the retail market, our custom made bass rods would have to cost $150-200 more than we want to sell them for.

Instead of pricing products with the retail markup included, we’ll skip that portion and give back to the customer in the form of lower prices for better products.  That provides an awesome freedom in how we build our products.  We can use any component, from any manufacturer to build the very best products… and we do.

One thing is for certain, we have a passion for fishing which is paramount in our mission to create great products.  You’ll see this characteristic in everything we do, from our Pro-Staffer’s to our product line to our social media content.   We plan on using this website and social media to educate and communicate, so please send feedback.  Thanks for reading, and more importantly, welcome to Alpha Angler.