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TAC-Mag - 7'6" Medium Fast - Fluke and Tube Finesse Rod


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7'6" Medium Fast
Ln: 8-14lb Lr: 1/4-5/8oz

The TAC-Mag (Touch All Corners - Magnum) is the ultimate open water, power finesse tube rod for the techniques like the super fluke, neko rig, tube and Senko. Engineered in conjunction with multiple accomplished, clear water geniuses, the TAC-Mag is refined to perfection. Optimized for the long cast, the "TAC" signifies the ability to apply precise presentations to fish that don't have the same mailing zipcode as the boat you launched it from. The "Magnum" signifies the amount of pressure and pull that can be applied at distance. Like many other Alpha rods, to pigeon hole this rod for weightless baits is a mistake. During development the TAC-Mag excelled for tubes, light line swimbaits, big shakey-heads and really any finesse-power application.

Tube Rod Blank: The TAC-Mag is built on a 7'6" high modulus blank with a fast action. Extremely unique, the blank has the ability to cast a weightless bait, but doesn't give up the power necessary to whup big ones into submission. Once the pressure is applied, a very deep parabolic bend prevents surging bass from pulling off or creating a slack line.

Components: A labor of love, the guide train on the TAC-Mag utilizes two different brands of guides to achieve the longest casting distance possible with a weightless bait. Work on the end product took over 11 months of constant alterations and testing until the most efficient line taming configuration was created. As part of a perfect system, the handle system aids in balance and is comfortable enough to use all day as a fluke rod or tube rod.

Design Philosophy: Like all Alpha Angler rods, the origin of this rod originated from the unmet needs of tournament anglers. The TAC-Mag project started with a request from Don Hogue, an extremely successful Northwest based tournament angler. His successes span across the country and end with a Bassmaster Classic qualification. Before the TAC-Mag was released to the public, it had already played a role in multiple tournament wins and cashed checks. It's optimized for a 2500 size reel, spooled with 10-20lb braid. Strait fluorocarbon and mono will also work, braid is preferred for setting the hook on long casts. On those days a weightless bait isn't the correct offering, the TAC-Mag will easily bust the arse of any bass who would rather eat a tube, finesse swimbait or anything you'd launch at them.  It's the ultimate power finesse rod, or fluke rod.

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