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Wrench - 7' Medium - Bass Spinning Skipping Senko Rod


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7' Medium Fast
Ln: 8-14lb Lr: 1/4-5/8oz

Many of our Alpha staffers can remember the ground breaking Forest Wood Cup win in 2004 by Luke Clausen, as it set the tone for the best skipping rods for his approach.  It was a great event by a young angler, but more importantly is set the stage for a new approach to generating bites, skipping finesse baits around cover and docks.  The Wrench, as we so loving refer to it here at Alpha is the answer to undeniable need for a 7’ medium spinning rod to apply finesse baits in every situation.  From Wacky rig Senko’s during the spawn to shakey heads and neko rigs in the summer, the Wrench is a must have tool for the bass fisherman.  There are days you won’t get a bite without one of those baits in the water. 

Blank:  Like every other custom bass rod in the Alpha lineup, the Wrench has very specific requirements from its blank.  It’s extremely important to have a light enough tip to slingshot your bait 30 feet under a boat dock, but that same need creates a bigger, more important requirement...  power.  Specifically, parabolic power that allows constant pressure on that dock-post weaving monster, who ate your slinky.  The Wrench’s blank contains all these features, along with excellent balance and sensitivity delivered by high grade graphite.  The Blank is Custom Manufactured for Alpha in Woodland, WA (USA.)  You will feel the difference in your hand and agree it's the best bass spinning rod on the planet.

Components:  With all of our bass spinning rods, guide train is paramount to an excellent performing rod.  Mess up a spinning rod’s guide placement and you’ll blow your shoulder out trying to launch a bait far enough to be valuable.  The key, and main focus of Alpha Engineering, is the placement and style of each guide, especially within the choking section (first 4 guides.)  The Wrench’s guide train will allow line to effortlessly flow through Fuji K-Framed chokers, while transitioning to Recoil guides that provide lighter weight and better knot passage.  All day comfort is supplied by a Fuji VSS reel seat placed in the optimum position on the blank.  Finally, a Kigan hook keeper is placed on the back section to secure any type of presentation, from wacky rigs to drop-shots. 

Design Concept:  Knowing how important these finesse techniques were to bass anglers, the Alpha team spent a great amount of time and effort testing and retesting prototypes for the Wrench skipping rod.  Of all the requirements on the design team, two stood out the most, effective power without sacrificing tip action, and cast ability.  With these parameters at the forefront, the design team worked to incorporate excellent balance and sensitivity paramount for feeling bites associated with weightless and finesse style presentations.  There’s not toolbox in any garage that doesn’t have a wrench or two.  We feel the same way about the tools in our bass rigs.  They’ll be incomplete without a Wrench skipping rod.

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