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Zilla - 7'3" MH Fast - Best Frog Rod, Swim Jig Fishing Rod


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7'3" Med-Heavy Fast
Ln: 12-20lb  Lr:  3/8-1oz

The Alpha Zilla was originally designed as the best frog rod, but it's versatility became quickly apparent as a Texas rig rod as well.  The unique taper of the blank allows for the "Zip Code" cast, according to our development team. Load up a Spro Bronzeye 65 on the big cast, and you could reach the next zip code. With a very balanced and light 7'3" length, you can walk "Kermy" for miles of slop and pad lines without fatigue. To pigeon-hole this rod as only a frogger is a mistake. Our Alpha anglers proclaim the Zilla as the ultimate heavy cover swim jig rod. Other's have claimed it's the best rod for a 1/2oz jig, or deep water football head on 12lbs test.

Swim Jig Rod Blanks: The heart of Zilla's performance is the durable, light, fast action blank. It's action provides the necessary forgiveness when using braid and big hooks. Without some give to the rod, thunderous, close range hooksets can create large holes or tearing in the fishes mouth. Once hooked correctly this blank has the necessary power to drag and fight large fish out of the slop. Truly unique, the Zilla blank is sensitive and light, but durable enough for hardcore frogging.

Components: The Zilla utilizes the tried and true Fuji ECSM reel seat. During the testing and design phase, the common sentiment by the Alpha testers was the ECSM was more comfortable due to a bigger footprint not available in split seats. When working a bait, split reel seats leave your hands with only the narrow blank to hold onto, The weight benefits of newer split seats didn't overcome the benefit of ECSM's comfort. Efficient balance and "Zip Code" casting is accomplished by using Alps Semi-Micro ultra-dope, SS316 guides. 

Design Philosophy - The original requirement for Zilla was the best frog rod for walking topwater frogs. Existing frog rods were usually too heavy, which caused excessive fatigue. Our anglers would then substitute for a lighter model rod that either lacked the correct tip for skipping and walking frogs, or didn't have the backbone to horse a big fish out of the slop. During the testing phase, our tournament anglers discovered it's capacity as a perfect Senko and light jig rod as well.  Zilla is so versatile, that owning just one creates an issue during the warmer months.... Senko rod, or Frog Rod or Texas Rig Rod or......you get the picture.  Quality comes with Alpha Angler.

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