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Rebound - 7' MH Moderate - Crankbait Chatterbait Rod


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7' Med-Heavy Mod-Fast
Ln: 10-20lb Lr: 1/4-1oz

The Alpha Rebound GEN2 is the ideal chatterbait, treble-hook, moving bait, crankbait rod. The GEN2 version has a new, lighter more responsive blank design. It's affectionately nicknamed the Rebound, due to it's ability to recover slowly from the surges of the barely-hooked, derby winning fish. Based on the rare S-Glass fishing rod blank technology, this stick has all the fish-landing characteristics of fiberglass, with the added benefit of sensitivity not found in other versions of glass. The 7'0" medium heavy, moderate-fast Rebound excels at most crankbait sizes, square bills, rattletraps, and chatterbaits.  And if you're looking for a lipless crankbait rod, this rod excels in this application.

Cranking Rod Blank: Designed by legendary custom builder, Rich Forhan, the S2-Glass rod blank is the core of the Rebound's performance. Truly the best of both worlds, S2-Glass retains the slow response of fiberglass necessary in cranking applications, but without the sacrifice in sensitivity common in other versions of fiberglass. Unless you hook a 100lbs sturgeon, this blank will always have more to give for surging fish. Baits from 3/8oz to 3/4oz load this blank like a catapult for long range "zip-code" casting.  It's designed to be the best chatterbait rod on the market, hands down.

Crankbait Rod Components: To ensure ultimate performance, the Alpha Rebound is equipped with Alps SS316 Micro Guides for efficient casting and retrieving. The "go-to" Fuji ECSM blank - through reel seat has been the favorite with anglers due it's comfortable fit and rod control.

Design Philosophy: Constantly critiqued, the crankbait rod can be the most difficult nut to crack with competitive anglers. For the Alpha designers, the crux of the issue was balancing sensitivity with a moderate responding action. The only solution to this problem was S-Glass, which has the sensitivity to feel a weed on your slow rolled crankbait, and the moderate action to pin acrobatic smallmouth on a rattletrap. As a secondary requirement, many pro anglers have switched to fiberglass rods for chatterbaits and bladed jigs. The slower response allows for better hookups and landing ratio. The Rebound is the perfect day-in/day-out S-Glass Cranking Rod, and can pull double duty with bladed jigs as well.  We hope it's the best cranking rod you've ever put in your hand.

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