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Mag-Rebound - 7'6" Med-Heavy Deep Cranking Bass Rod


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7'6" Med-Heavy Mod-Fast
Ln: 10-20lb Lr: 1/4-1 1/4oz

The Alpha Angler Mag-Rebound assumes the iron-pumping, big brother role to our extremely popular Rebound.  Answering the many requests from our Rebound customers, we’ve developed a big, powerful, S2-Glass cranking rod for deep diving baits like the famous 6XD.  Designed to launch heavy, hard pulling plugs into the neighboring zip-code, the Mag-Rebound still has the forgiveness of fiberglass to keep big ones from pulling off.  Balanced and light weight, this stick is perfect for dredging deep ledges in search of “big momma.”    

Cranking Rod Blank:  At the heart of the Mag-Rebound is a 7’6” medium heavy, moderate action, S2-Glass blank.  Extremely unique, this blank has the power to cast heavy lures while still retaining the slow response of fiberglass.  If your monster bass surges while right next to the boat, the Mag-Rebound will continue to bend and absorb all the way down to the handle. 

Crankbait Rod Components: To ensure ultimate performance, the Alpha Mag-Rebound is equipped with Alps SS316 Micro Guides for efficient casting and retrieving. The "go-to" Fuji TCSM reel seat has been the favorite with anglers due its comfortable fit and rod control.

Design Philosophy:  “Once you go “S-Glass” you’ll never go back.”  The advantages of crankbait fishing with S2 grade fiberglass can’t be ignored.   Our anglers experienced great success using the Rebound for moving baits like chatterbaits, rattletraps and spinnerbaits.  So much success, that it created a demand for a larger, more powerful version.  So our engineers worked with staffers, deep cranking professionals and customers to create the “Dirty Harry” version of the Rebound, the Mag-Rebound.  With ease it handles deep cranks, rattletraps in the grass and even 1oz-plus chatterbaits.  For Alpha Anglers, there’s no limit in technique or bait utilized on this power house rod, and we’re pretty excited to watch them evolve.

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