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Mag-Hitter - 7'11" Mag-Heavy Flipping and Punching Bass Rod


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7'11" Mag-Heavy Fast
Ln: 17-25lb (50-80lb Braid)  Lr: 1/2-2oz

The Mag-Hitter is the "Dirty Harry" version of our original flipping stick, the Hitter.  Designed for heavy weights and jungle warfare, our design team created a perfectly balanced flipper with all day comfort.   The parabolic, heavy action blank will load evenly during the fight without tearing a big hole at the hook location, but also remain loaded when your fish clears cover and runs towards the boat.  The Mag-Hitter is Alpha's solution to those punching and flipping heavy cover situations.

Flipping Rod Blank:  The business end of the Mag-Hitter is a sensitive, yet durable 7'11" power house blank.  The tip is light enough to feel a pressure bite without pulling the bait away from your big-mouthed bass, but strong enough to handle heavier punch weights.  The parabolic blank will increase your hook-to-landing percentage as it prevents the slack-line situation when a fish clears heavy cover. 

Flipping Rod Components: To ensure ultimate performance, the Alpha Mag-Hitter is equipped with Alps SS316 Micro Guides for efficient casting and retrieving. The "go-to" Fuji ECSM reel seat has been the favorite with anglers due its comfortable fit and rod control. 

Design Philosophy:  In every region of this country, the biggest bass will live in some of the nastiest cover.  The Alpha team set out to develop an "All-Day" power-house rod, that didn't sacrifice any detail.  Balance, sensitivity and action were critiqued in every prototype, until our test anglers experienced higher landing percentages, enhanced bite detection, and eventually...  bigger tournament bags.  All these characteristics setup the Mag-Hitter as a must have bass hauling machine.  If you can't find giants roaming around the outside of the cover, there's only other place they can be... 


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