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Alpha Angler ChatterBound - 7'2" Medium-Heavy S-Glass Composite


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7'2" Med-Heavy X-Fast
Ln: 10-20lb Lr: 3/8-1oz

The Rod of the Month launches with the new Chatterbound.  Built for moving baits with a single hook, like the Chatterbait, swim-jig, spinnerbait, or swimbait, this new rod is extremely new and unique.  

Designed and tested, the S-Glass tip is soft and forgiving which allows your baits to hunt their way through cover during the retrieve.  Once the bite happens though, the heavy composite butt section will drive a large diameter hook, and drag the monster from the nastiest cover.  

Although we don't strive to make the lightest rod on the market, we don't add any unnecessary weight as well.  The Chatterbound is extremely light, due mostly to the blank itself.  We added the same handle system as our coveted Rebound cranking rod, to keep the weight light as a feather.  There's a good chance you haven't used a rod this light, with this much power... ever.  

New Technology:  The opportunity to have a "true" extra fast action blank, with a powerful butt-section wasn't readily available until now.  The dynamics of the Chatterbound blank were simply too complex to create on a single material, like graphite or fiberglass.  At Alpha, we're partnering with innovative companies to find materials that create products we haven't seen in the past.  The Chatterbound provides an exciting new opportunity for moving bait fishermen.  There's simply nothing like it.  

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